Between Pro Status Earbuds

I love these earbuds. Would totally recommend them over Apple earbuds.

Status Audio <>Jun 27, 2023, 12:01 PM
to me

Here’s a reminder email how to repair them if the left or right channel won’t sync with each other. Kudos for their support department for responding to my trouble reconnecting them!

Sorry to hear you may be having difficulties with your Between Pros. Let us try these troubleshooting steps first and see if they will help.

We would recommend a “hard reset” – sometimes that just solves everything.

-Place the earbuds inside the case, and with the lid open, hold the button on the bottom of the charging case

-Keep holding it until both earbuds flash PURPLE and play a sound effect

-Your earbuds are now reset – please pair them again with your device.

Here’s a video on how to perform a “hard reset”:

Please make sure that the magnets are clean. Here’s a video on how to clean the magnets:

Thanks for taking the time to try out these steps! Please let me know how it went.